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Rosary McQuestion

Rosary McQuestion Updated September 21, 2018




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Rosary McQuestion
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My name is Aubrey McCory. I’m a Mrs., although no one addresses me as such. It’s because I became a widow six years ago—a pregnant widow at twenty-eight years old.

If someone would have asked me what I thought the definition of true love was, I would have answered with two words, “Matt McCory.” There really wasn’t any other way to define true love. My husband’s love had ignited an emotion that justified my very existence. He made me feel whole. Our love was the kind of love most just dreamt about.

During the six years that had passed, the raw edges of grief had smoothed and so much about my life had changed. However, one thing remained the same—I was still deeply in love with Matt. Although he was dead, he still lived on in my dreams. I wanted so badly to wake up and find him lying beside me, to touch him and kiss him one last time.

Nevertheless, those things only happened in fairy tales. Or so I thought.  

ONCE UPON ANOTHER TIME embodies the ultimate fantasy of a young widow who finally gets the chance to say goodbye to a husband who unexpectedly died six years before in a tragic accident. What Reviewers are Saying! ~ “Gloriously romantic…one of those books every woman should read who has gone through grief and the anguish of loss.” ~ “Makes you wonder, think, and want to believe in life's miracles.” ~ “This is a book that is fun, likeable, intriguing, and ultimately quite thought-provoking.” ~ “This is a well thought out story and beautifully told.” ~ “The book had everything, old love, new love, humor, sadness, mystery, and intrigue.” ~ “A supernatural love story, full of wit and humour. What more could you want?” ~ “Totally absorbing feel-good book.” ~ “A Paranormal Book about grief that will leave you smiling!”


Once Upon Another Time

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