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Kathy Vaughn

Kathy Vaughn June 16, 2013
Kathy Vaughn

Author Details

Pen Name
Kathy Vaughn
Where I Live
Massachusetts USA
ON THE VERGE of completing 6 years of employment with Dynasty Systems, after 23 straight quarters of documented 100% performance reviews, and garnering all of the 23 bonus payouts related to his perfect performance, Joe Hunter is placed on a Performance Improvement Plan.

Dynasty communicates its intent to place Hunter on this Performance Improvement Plan 3 days after making arrangements for its first payment of the Hunters' infertility treatments under the company's health insurance plan.

Hello. My name is Haley Hunter. And I am the wife whose husband is terminated because I am not woman enough to get pregnant without medical assistance. Expensive medical assistance which my husband's employer's health plan is supposed to cover.

Now meet Joe and Haley Hunter. This is their battle. Against Infertility. Against Dynasty Systems. Against the insurance industry.

Follow their journey to see the results of what can be accomplished.

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