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Dorinda Balchin

Dorinda Balchin Updated November 12, 2015
Dorinda Balchin

Author Details

Where I Live
Lakeside, Tamil Nadu, India
I was born in Derbyshire in England in 1957. I had always wanted to be a teacher so after graduating from the University of Warwick in 1980 I began a career in teaching. Books and writing had always been a passion for me, but with two children to raise and a demanding career in the field of education my love of literature was mainly confined to reading with little time to explore and develop my writing. Then in 2008, along with my husband, I gave up my teaching career and made a life-changing move to southern India where we now run a guesthouse.
This change of lifestyle has allowed me the time to develop some of the writing projects which I have worked on over the years. I hope that my love of history is reflected in my well researched novels (in fact I enjoy the research as much as I do the writing!) The influences on my writing are truly eclectic - the social and historical writings of Dickens, factual history books, historical novels by a variety of authors, books about philosophy or religion, science fact or fiction. Each genre has a place on my bookshelves and has helped to shape my ideas and writing style into something which I hope reflects the richness of human life in an accessible and entertaining way.
Away from writing I have a passion for the sport of fencing and am proficient in all three weapons as well as being a qualified coach. That, together with my love of horse riding and archery convinces me that I was born in the wrong century! My life in India also allows me to spend time photographing this truly amazing country. What with all that and running the guesthouse I’m sometimes surprised that I ever find the time to write!


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