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Solomon Deep

Perpetual Imagination Updated December 19, 2015
Solomon Deep

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Where I Live
Northampton, MA New York, NY
Elements - Embarking on a road trip to meet a famous television evangelist, Alan Levy drops out of college and explores the multifaceted diversity of American culture, attempting to make sense of the world around him. Elements is a novel that spans a year in the life of the ignorant and perpetually confused young man who tries to bring about changes in his world, but manages to learn only that the root causes of his alienation and loneliness are within himself. Elements explores the landscape of post-9/11 America through the eyes of this young man's experiential hopelessness and emptiness by pulling the audience along the escape Levy attempts to build for himself. Spanning one year and thousands of miles, the newly revised tenth anniversary edition of Solomon Deep's very first book remains the most prolific text delving into the stress, ignorance, and helplessness of post-9/11 Generation Y as they struggle to make sense of an America that seems to be teetering on the edge of senselessness. The Ten Year Anniversary Edition also includes a brand new introduction by the author. He, Felt Scurrility - The story of a young woman caught in the shackles of indifference in small town USA. Still living with her mother and attending a community college, everything in her life seems to be taken care of. But she is careless of her surroundings and her life, until she meets an unusual lover that seems to turn her around in the most peculiar and tragic way. Covering themes of sprawl, empty relationships, the impossibility of modern communication, and of course love, this novella takes readers to an upside down world of dead malls and sleeping in cars that on second glance may seem a little too close to home.


Solomon Deep Cover


Our Impossible Compartment
Oedipussy By Solomon Deep - Book Trailer (December 2015)

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