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Bärbel Thetmeyer

Bärbel Thetmeyer Updated January 04, 2014
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Bärbel Thetmeyer
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Here you can find also informations about myself as an author and others, too: -authors website at BoD
Little Beaver's Secrets Adventures at bear country British Columbia at Canada's west coast is still remaining bear's country. Nowadays the bears have to share their natural environment with many National Park visitors and the tribes of the First Natives. My husband and I visited Canada's West Coast twice. We travelled around British Columbia and Alberta. It was 'love at the first sight'! I was fascinated by the wilderness of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, the Costal rainforest, the wild creeks and rivers, lakes and the natural inhabitants, the black bears and grizzlies. My passion for bears, the magnificent memories of Canada's West coast and the wonderful, heart-warming friends we met brought me to the ideas of 'Little Beaver's Secrets'. Little Beaver, a young Tlingit, is meeting strange inhabitants of the rain forest and exploring their secrets. The special photos for this book are the result of the teddy bear collector and photographer Michèle Florack's "bear hunting". Little Beaver's Secrets" Now available translated into English-language at all bookstores and at and Germany and within a few days also at UK, USA, Canada and Australia: ISBN: 9783848229161 Verlag BoD, paperback, 104 pages including 14 color photos, 8,95 €


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