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Doug Shear

Doug Shear Updated June 28, 2013
Doug Shear

Author Details

Pen Name
Doug Shear
Where I Live
Miami, Florida
Shout Out
I have a few websites that bring in a trickle of money: (It's all about pubic hair, including the art, history, maintainance and mens and women's styles of the hair down there. I sarted it as a joke, but oddly enough , it gets over 100,000 hits a year. It's tasteful.) (It's a cool site that I'll do something with someday.)

I also belong to Stage32, International Screenwriters Association and many more.

Well, to summarize, my books are on Amazon, Kindle & Smashwords. For Smashwords I reformatted American Karma - Twilight of the Marijuana Gods and renamed it the Marijuana Gods, to distinguish it from Amazon and Kindle. When I reformatted my first book, Rhubarb Culture, for Kindle, I also changed the cover from the paperback, which is no longer in print. I also write plays and screenplays and occasionally perform Stand-Up comedy, or sometimes just stand-up that isn't funny enough to be considered comedy.


American Karma - Twilight of the Marijuana Gods


American Karma - Twilight of the Marijuana Gods Book Trailer

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