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Robert Manni

Robert Manni July 01, 2013


Robert Manni

Author Details

Pen Name
Robert Manni
Where I Live
New York, NY
THE GUYS' GUY'S GUIDE TO LOVE is a contemporary story that takes readers on a fast-paced, sexy romp through the enigmatic world of Manhattan's men in a fresh, honest way that answers the question- what makes men tick?

When Max Hallyday, a rising New York adman leaves behind his boutique, downtown agency for the promise of riches at a glitzy midtown conglomerate, his world gets turned upside down. His girlfriend dumps him via text message and his new management pressures him into stealing the key account from his former agency and ailing mentor. When his best friend and serial womanizer seduces Max's new client and puts the moves on Max's ex, Max strikes back, penning a column exposing the unscrupulous methods of the Lotharios inhabiting the city. The result? Within weeks The Guy's Guy's Guide to Love catapults Max into the headlines and turns him into one of the womanizers he's been writing about. Ultimately Max must make choices that define his true character. The novel is a coming of age story about men in their thirties. Both women and men will enjoy and relate to the honesty, humor and tasty twists and turns that propel the story along. The story is unique, layered, and culturally on point. On one level it's an insider's story about men for women, while also connecting with men as a fast-paced novel with characters they can relate to. The plot is twisty, tight as a drum and packed with sex, seduction and betrayal.

Iconic author Dan Wakefield calls GGG2Love the "men's successor to Sex and the City". Publisher Weekly calls Manni's debut novel, "entertaining, as he deftly plumbs the thorny depths of dating and sexual politics with this breezy romp and characters to which readers will relate".

Can women handle the truth about men? After all, it's not so bad.

THE GUYS' GUY'S GUIDE TO LOVE is a fast-paced tale of flawed men and savvy women competing for love, sex, power, and money in the city where they play for keeps..



What Is A Guy's Guy?

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