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Gail Byrd

Jorja Grael July 06, 2013


Gail Byrd

Author Details

Pen Name
Jorja Grael
Where I Live
Burnsville, NC
Morgan O'Neill has found herself trapped in an arrangement to marry a man she does not love. To escape this fate, she flees aboard a buccaneer vessel bound for the West Indies. There she meets the man who could be the love of her life: Tristan, the ship's captain. After a blazing two week love affair aboard ship, the two go their separate ways, torn apart by the conventions of society and their own pride. Morgan, a strong, resourceful woman, resolves to live her life on her own terms, depending only on her own ingenuity. When a horrific attack forces her to take to sea on a quest for revenge, she quickly gains notoriety among the buccaneers in the West Indies, sparking a chain of events that could bring her face to face with Tristan. With her pride still standing between them, can he lay bare the secret that she so desperately wants to conceal? Can she admit her love for him and begin a new life at his side?


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