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Joni Parker

Joni Parker February 06, 2013
Joni Parker

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The second novel in Joni Parker's epic fantasy, find the young female warrior, Lady Alexin assigned the mission of tracking a pirate spy. Alex's adventures continue as she is drawn deeper into the mysteries of Seaward isle and in her new role as a Tracker, she will experience new aspects of her own gifts bestowed on her by her Titan ancestors.

Lady Alexin or Alex as she prefers, now an experienced soldier and tracker, goes undercover to the market in Agana to find out about the fate of a pirate leader.  In hopes of getting information about the pirate leader, she has her fortune read by a witch, much to her disappointment.  At this point, a handsome young man barges into the tent demanding his fortune.  As the witch begins his reading, Alex observes the proceeding and can't help but notice how his fortune is intertwined with hers.  

Soon after he leaves, Alex finds out that this man is the most dangerous pirate spy on Seaward Isle and wanted by her King.  Later, she reports the incident to her boss who tasks her to find and kill him since she is the only person who knows what he looks like, setting in motion the events foretold in the Tangled Omens.    


The spy's trail leads her north deep into the pirate stronghold, far from home.  On her first independent mission, Alex finds adventure and danger at every turn while on a journey of discovery, leading her to the pirate spy, untold riches, and herself.   


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