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Rose Burke

RB July 20, 2013
Rose Burke

Author Details

Where I Live
Long Island
Eva Palmer is a new escort. It seemed to be her only option after her boyfriend, bitterly identified as [The Douchebag], cunningly packed up and abandoned their shared Long Island apartment, leaving her broke and on the brink of homelessness. Nyani, Eva's alluring new companion, portrays her escorting club as an effortless lifestyle of luxury and designer apparel. She's a lifesaver when she offers Eva a place to crash if she gives the club a chance. With a blossoming career to go with a gifted assortment of lingerie and cocktail dresses, Eva, now known as 'Hannah', finds herself inventing a new persona to go with it all. She quickly becomes infatuated with her primary client, Mr. Edison, a rather good looking and well-off businessman. Or so she thought.

Each chapter describes Eva's unique thirty-eight day journey as she battles with her identity, financial misery, and overwhelming desire for vengeance on those who have wronged her. A formal event being hosted by Nyani seems like an ideal opportunity to uncover the truth. With excessive paranoia birthed by her recent coke habit blocking any clear thoughts, she heads to the party with barely a plan in mind other than survival.

This sexy thriller combines the authors passion for love, sex, sarcastic humor, blood, and death. A chick-lit novel that has it all! **Contains adult language and content.**


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