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Rosalind McCaskill

Rosalind McCaskill Updated July 21, 2013


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Author Details

Pen Name
Rosalind McCaskill
Where I Live
Nashvile Tennessee
Caley has been running for 4 years from a past that she can't escape. She moves from her hometown with her daughter Bryanne, moving to several different areas before ending up in South Carolina. She has changed her name and settled into a small scottish community in Edinburg trying to give her daughter a good life. She has always held herself apart from everyone but finds herself drawn into this community almost against her will. She meets Colin Hargrave, the man of her dreams. He finds a way into her heart that she thought was closed forever. Seeing a chance to make a life for herself and Bryanne she begins to trust again. But for Caley the past is not so easily forgotten. Someone is coming for her, and her life and the life of her daughter are in jeopardy. Will she run or stay and fight for the life she has always wanted?



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