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Thomas Peace

Thomas Peace Updated November 21, 2013
Thomas Peace

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Thomas Peace
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United States
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The Eternal Fountain of Youth is a book written to help people to more fully understand the totality of life as a whole. The book helps people to --- without relying on leaders or manmade systems --- independently flower into what deeply understands life, time, consciousness, and the eternal (as a whole). Many people cling, with others, to what stuffy, outside "authority" dictates as to what is truth and what is correct. However, only the individual can --- for himself or herself --- find the deepest truth; depending on others "to lead us" is fallacious and a waste of time (as it has not gotten us anywhere over millions of years thus far). No one but you can fully bring about the discovery of deep wisdom, harmony, profound reason, and order. Many of us, unfortunately, perceive things fragmentarily, not wholly. We, as we were taught, tend to see only the details and the parts... not the whole. The Eternal Fountain of Youth helps people to go (for themselves) beyond this fragmentation and limited separation... to perceive things more holistically, with deep insight and wisdom. We can --- by observing the world without separation, without conflict that is fragmentary --- see life in a whole, new way. This new perspective is whole and not "broken up" and fragmentary. We were taught to live (as mere followers) in fragmentation; this fragmentation keeps us at each other's throats, keeps us dependent on separative systems that divide us, keeps us in fear and uncompassionate limitation. We, for ourselves, can go beyond the calculated mold that was developed for us to mechanically function in, and we can (instead) function independently, wisely, warmly, joyously, and peacefully. The world desperately needs a change. We can be the ones who are the catalysts of that much needed change. The dissonance, the lack of true harmony in so many innumerable minds, is largely the result of the wrong kind of education. Would you care to change, by reading this sprightly, straightforward book, helping yourself --- while helping others --- to go beyond the standard mediocrity and limited awareness that is not integrity, profound mystery, and deep perception? Kirkus Reviews (one of the world's oldest, and most critical, of book reviewers) says of the book: "An intelligent project that aims to explore its subject matter outside of the confines of genre boundaries. It is at once an original statement and a bibliography of sources for further reading. Provides the type of engrossing hodgepodge of memoir, philosophy, literary theory and metaphysics growing more endangered in book culture every day."


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