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Kenneth Joel Teicher

Kenneth Joel Teicher Updated March 08, 2018


Kenneth Joel Teicher

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New York City, NY
THE ALKANO LETTERS is the debut novel in the action/adventure Erin and Craig series. Archaeologist Erin Mathews and ex CIA Agent Craig Johnson team up for these exciting and intriguing tales. On the tiny Greek island of Alkano, they discover ancient letters whose content could undermine the very foundations of Christianity. An ancient religious sect knows the esoteric message hidden in the letters and is sworn to protect it at any cost. Trouble begins almost immediately with a series of mishaps followed by deadly threats. A desperate chase through the back streets of Jerusalem leads to Erin's abduction. What began as a straightforward dig has become a dangerous and complicated mission. They must solve the two-thousand year old mystery, before it's too late. But time is quickly running out...

THE CARTHAGE CONNECTION - The silt-filled seaport of ancient Ephesus is the setting for this second book in the Erin and Craig series. The ancient boat they are excavating may contain scrolls rescued from the great library at Alexandria. They team up in their search with Mossad operative Rebecca Schuler, who is tracking the mysterious Cult of Tanit. The Cult, which traces its roots back to the founding of Carthage, is also after the scrolls. Cult members believe their ancestors rescued invaluable artifacts when the library was burned in 48 BC. While the Mossad believes the Cult wants the scrolls to fund terrorist actions in Israel. When a group of renegade Cult members begin a series of attacks to stop the dig, Erin and Craig intensify their efforts to find the scrolls before anyone is killed. But time is running out...

CARVED IN STONE - Machu Picchu, high in the Peruvian Andes, is the setting for the third book in the Erin and Craig series. Teaming up with noted archaeologist, Professor Roger Williams, the dig continues despite the protests of the locals who believe it is violating their ancestors' holy ground. Acts of sabotage escalate to the point that the Peruvian army is sent in. But the work continues despite the danger, and the team ultimately makes the discovery of a lifetime. However, before they can examine their exciting find, the roof of the cave they are working in collapses, burying Roger and their unbelievable discovery under tons of rubble. Recuperating in a hospital bed after nearly being killed herself, Erin babbles on about the pictures she's taken of the find - or was it all a dream? And, can it be recovered before time runs out...

Mystery Of The Kukulcan Temple - During a time in their lives when a much-needed vacation is in order, Dr. Erin Mathews and her husband Craig Johnson find themselves involved in an unexpected adventure in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Erin, a world-renowned archeologist, recently completed her share of some research work. Craig, the owner of an international security firm, has just hired two new agents, he hopes will allow him to spend more time at home in New York. They choose an exclusive resort in Cancun, and are looking forward to rest, water sports, fine dining and isolation from the distractions of work. When a Mexican archeologist calls, their plans are shattered. A newly discovered sinkhole under the fabled Kukulcan Temple, at Chichén Itza, is threatening the structure and all that lies within. A team is assembled, including the leader, two additional archeologists and a group of six graduate students. As work is begun, a five-man group of men, considering themselves direct descendants of the Mayan builders of the site, are determined to prevent the desecration of their holy site. Continuous spying, Erin’s short-lived abduction and armed conflicts with the police, turn the archeological investigations into a nightmare. This history-filled, fast moving story follows the efforts of the two opposing groups to each reach their goals. In the end, Craig brings down some of his agents and together with the police at last capture the men, while Erin and the team complete their mission.


THE YESTERDAY TREE asks fundamental questions about how we might respond to extra-terrestrial contact and confronts the possibility of time travel.

Computer specialist Joe Rebman joins a team to investigate what might be man’s first contact with extraterrestrials. The alien nature of the craft, discovered at a remote location in the Arizona desert, raises concern for national security. This prompts the Pentagon to add Colonel Warren Anderson to the team. A group of college students on a field trip is discovered near the landing site. But they are not really students. They are time travelers from five-hundred years in the future with a mission to instigate the development of a worldwide genealogical database. 26th century doctors will use the data to track down and cure people with genetic mutations, saving millions from certain death.

Is this an advance party of an alien invasion or time travelers on a lifesaving mission? Joe and the Colonel battle about which scenario is true. Joe believes he must help the 'students' save future humankind from genealogical doom. Colonel Anderson doesn't buy the story and wants to focus on the present. Who is right?

Solitude -Early in the twenty-fifth century, agent Adrianne Atwood is on an assignment that is taking entirely too long. She’s been tasked with gaining evidence to put Landro Jackson, a rich industrialist, behind bars. She knows where he is but figuring out what he’s doing has become a complex puzzle. Engineers have terraformed a planet, called Solitude, as the ultimate retirement local for the wealthy. Adrianne discovers that Jackson is conspiring to acquire the planet for himself. Taking advantage of his immense wealth, he enlists the aid of Solitude employees to accomplish his reprehensible goal. Adrianne’s cover, as the assistant to the planet’s project manager, has become second nature and she sees no end to her real job. Helping her boss save the planet and its residents from Jackson’s reckless plan begins overshadowing her mission. What appear to be natural disasters are revealed as the despicable results of Jackson’s strategy. Adrianne’s efforts at last generate the necessary evidence she needs. Jackson’s arrest is imminent until the industrialist’s mysterious death rips a successful mission from Adrianne’s grasp.

Gateway: The Shaula Intervention - Kiel Tarragot is a cop, a member of the Inspector General Branch (IGB) the police force of the Coalition of Planets. He uses his profession as a way to avoid the personal relationships he isn’t very good at or comfortable with. After several years in training, he is coupled with a nonhuman partner; a Maldarian named Varlon, and begins his career. Due to the nature of space travel it is impossible for him to even contemplate a serious relationship that is until he meets Doctor Susan Merniehm, an anthropologist. During their first encounter Susan determines she and Kiel are destine to become life partners. No act of evasion on Kiel’s part can thwart Susan’s determination. During their next two encounters Susan and Kiel continue to be drawn together but Kiel maintains his belief that any relationship can only have a negative effect on his career.

A mysterious mining accident has brought Kiel and Susan together for a fourth time. Kiel attempts to bury himself in his work, but a strange turn of events forces him to reconsider his feelings for the beautiful Denerian. While investigating different aspects of the accident and the mysterious alien artifacts, Susan vanishes from the platform of an alien machine. Devastated, Kiel rushes blindly into an adventure to save Susan. Elizabeth Genrete, another scientist assigned to the investigation, offers to help Kiel search for Susan. United Mines (UM), the company that employed the miners killed in the accident, sends their representative to oversee the situation. David Banyon, a sector vice-president of UM and an old enemy of Kiel’s is always seeking a way to advance himself and believes there may be an opportunity in the strange alien machine.

Kiel, two fellow investigators and Elizabeth manage to follow Susan to a strange planet, named Midpoint that is controlled by two fantastic androids. The two lovers are quickly reunited but they and the others in the rescue party are unable to return to their own part of the Galaxy. The androids can provide little information for the travelers. They do explain something about Midpoint and identify the device that transported the travelers as the Gateway. Kiel and his party are sent on an amazing adventure to the home planet of the Shaula. This mysterious race is responsible for all that has occurred but are, at first, reluctant to help the unhappy travelers. Through their telepathic power they learn about the Coalition of Planets and recognize the situation between it and United Mines as a potential disaster. They are determined not to allow the 'great cycle of time' to be thrown out of alignment and agree to help the weary travelers.

Upon their return, David Banyon decides to steal the Gateway technology for his own selfish use. Unable to stop his unscrupulous activity, Kiel, Susan, and the others are forced to postpone their investigation. They take an unscheduled vacation while Kiel's boss, Chief Brodsky, attempts to straighten out the situation. The coalition is finally convinced to stand up to Banyon and United Mines and allows Kiel’s group of investigators, Susan and her team of anthropologists, and Elizabeth with her scientific crew to return to the scene of the original accident, where the Gateway is located.

Banyon manages to convince the company that only an armed conflict will allow him to gain control of the Gateway for the company. During the battle, many are lost until the strange Shaula take control of the situation. The Shaula manage to end the conflict and set into motion events that lead to the end of United Mines. Susan, at last, convinces Kiel to marry and they begin their new life, never fully realizing the impact the Shaula have had on their lives or how this mysterious race will affect their future.-

A Matter of Time - The Coalition of Planets, a loose confederation of twenty-eight star systems, containing fifty-nine planets, exists just below the North Equatorial pole, in the outer arm of the galaxy commonly called the Milky Way. The history of the Coalition had been so deeply rooted in conflict that the calm of the last seven years resembled a unique anomaly more than just a lull in hostilities. There were times, not so long ago, that the different species that lived in this small sector of the galaxy appeared to search for excuses to attack one another. The year 2721 was looked forward to as the year peace would finally flourish. A mining accident, on a minor planet, led to the discovery of a mysterious race from the center of the galaxy, the Shaula. This ancient race left behind a fantastic device, the Gateway. Years of examination led to the discovery that this machine could transport people across the galaxy almost instantaneously. The technology spread quickly throughout the Coalition. At the same time, scientists continued to examine the device. Years of study led to another function of the machine. It functioned as a time machine, able to transport people through both time and space. After an initial successful experiment, the Shaula appeared at the Coalition research station. Claiming the use of the Gateway for time travel could lead to the disruption of what they termed the ‘Great Cycle of Time’, the Shaula destroyed that part of the machine capable of temporal transport. A Matter of Time is the story of scientific exploration as well as criminal involvement with the goal of stealing the technology.

The Mission - The twenty-sixth century finds a large settled part of the galaxy in a state of near chaos. A weak central government, diverse alien societies, rampant crime and a general feeling of disillusionment become the backdrop of a convoluted series of events involving a diverse group of beings, each with their own agenda. Each individual brings their own struggle for a better life and are knit together like a giant spider web, each tugging a strand, pulling the group from one place to another, within the backdrop of scientific discovery and widespread corruption. THE MISSION is a story of mixed loyalty, clandestine schemes and the hope of a better life. A single, powerful businessman knits the group together with a secret plan that will ultimately benefit all.

Temporal Consciousness Transposition - Imagine you are offered the opportunity to travel to any time in your past. You can either simply observe and remember or actually alter your life. Ben Tilifson has received this precise opportunity. Thinking it is a joke perpetrated by friends, he reluctantly decides to play along. Except it is not a joke. During Ben’s first trip, he coerces his fifty-five year younger self into speaking to a high school crush to whom he was originally too bashful to even say hello. The brief conversation changes his life forever. The girl introduces Ben to a friend that will become his wife. Realizing it’s not a joke or bad dream, Ben decides to continue his travels. Fearful of doing anything else that might alter his own life, he decides to devote his action to saving lives from terrible accidents. Upon returning from his most recent trip, Ben discovers his life has been dramatically transformed. A thorough review reveals that he must have traveled back in time simply to win a lottery. Memorizing the winning numbers, Ben travels twelve years into his past and purchases the winning ticket. He returns to a life even more altered than the one he just left. He is convinced he is somehow jumping between parallel yet different timelines. Recognizing the contradiction of time travel, Ben wonders what would happen if he reverses the action of his first trip. The surprise ending to the Temporal Consciousness Transposition presents a paradox that convinces Ben he has no free will.

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