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Charles E. Johnson Jr

Corky Johnson Updated February 06, 2013



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Charles E. Johnson Jr
Charles E. Johnson Jr

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Pen Name
Corky Johnson
Where I Live
Newark, New Jersey

Timely and necessary, Why Are Afro-Americans Afraid to Take Off the Blinders is one man’s valiant effort to give voice to millions of people who are still clinging onto the hope for a world of equal rights and opportunities. It is also a wakeup call for others to take a stand and begin the long yet rewarding journey of change and reform.  

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 irrevocably reshaped American history. This landmark piece of legislation was intended to set the stage for a country free of discrimination and answer the growing demand for equal rights of African-Americans. Even though it has been more than four decades since this act was passed, there is still much room left for improvement. In Why Are Afro-Americans Afraid to Take Off the Blinders, author Corky Johnson combines historical research and personal experiences and observations to provide a thought-provoking study of the present condition of African Americans.


Johnson’s book is more than just a searing social commentary and an exposé of current problems in areas like politics and the education system; it is a relevant compendium of America’s history of racism and slavery. In it, the author expresses his discontent at the stagnation of his fellowmen and women while exposing some of the possible reasons why this is the case. Johnson also raises essential questions on the nature of justice, truth, equality and patriotism while daring readers to confront their own prejudices and do what is necessary to change the present realities.


We are one, our cause are one, and together, we must help each other, if we are going to succeed.

Corky J. 

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