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M. Peters

M. Peters Updated April 18, 2013
M. Peters

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M. Peters
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EVERYONE should follow @TimDavis_Author, @Penelope_Prose and @PhillipCatshill on Twitter, for they are THE BEST retweeters among many wonderful, wonderful people I have come to know on that once-dreaded social network! Three simply incredible people.
When a seductive French vampire crosses swords with a fierce Spaniard who is angry at the world, the worldly preternatural gets more than he was expecting.  The heartbeat which had attracted him to the city in the first place belongs to his opponent - and Keith D'Ameron finds that even three hundred long years on this earth have not prepared him for the depth of the desire Javier Estas arouses in him. Keith begins a sensuous and compelling courtship, intending to claim Javier Estas in every way for eternity.  Will Javier turn away from all that he knows and follow the siren call of Keith's seductive midnight eyes, or will he forever bury his undisclosed desire for this mysterious man who has turned his life upside down?

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