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Bobby Wilhelm

Bobby Wilhelm Updated May 09, 2013


Bobby Wilhelm

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In 1984, Bobby returns to Spokane,WA after a cocaine run to Miami, FL. As he disembarks the plane, his senses tell him that the DEA and other law enforcement are on to him. As agents surround his beloved  red Corvette, Bobby guns the gas pedal and hits the head of the Northwest region's DEA. A wild car chase ensues to downtown Spokane. But by the time he is arrested, the cocaine he came with has disappeared along with his partner. Thus begins the journey through both Federal and State prisons.

Along this pathway, Bobby becomes friends with "made" Mafioso from Philadelphia and New York. He helps an Aryan Brotherhood shot-caller escape from the Spokane County jail. His friends from the Colombian and Cuban cartels enlist him to run drugs around the country.  One of his female roommates is murdered by the Spokane Serial Killer Robert Yates. His best friend is murdered in a parking lot in Spokane. He starts to traffick in meth, and produces a highly desirable and addictive concoction he calls "Satan's Snot." His use of the drug produces a dangerous, paranoid individual. 

Within the pages of the book is a look back at his upbringing. His grandfather, a bootlegger and gambler, taught Bobby the ropes of criminal behavior at an early age.

By 1998, after release from Federal Prison on a parole violation, Bobby is finally arrested for being a "perpetual offender" and given a life sentence in the Idaho State Prison. His progression through those last years behind bars brings understanding of his evil lfestyle. Ashamed of what he did, Bobby Wilhelm changes his heart. At the end of 8 years, he is once again released back into society. This book is a wild ride, a rollercoaster of tragedy and triumph, fun and poignancy. 


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