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Earl B. Russell

Earl B Russell Updated August 20, 2013
Earl B. Russell

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Earl B. Russell
Where I Live
United States
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Synopsis of Book (back cover copy for paperback) In Cold Turkey at Nine: The Memoir of a Problem Child, Earl B. Russell traces his unimaginable life in the American Heartland through often zany and introspective accounts, shifting dreams, horrific tragedies, and soul-searching life lessons. Beginning with his mother’s funeral preparations after his father’s arrest, the story follows his upbringing on a poor Tennessee farm after World War II. He experiences sudden, unspeakable losses of loved ones with unending consequences, the birth of two beautiful children, an upward path to the halls of academe, marital derailment and marital manna, the slow progression of his son’s blinding eye disease, and four decades of a horrific, dark family secret. Along the way, the Problem Child turned adult finds himself in raw academic brawls in the halls of ivy, conferring with world-renowned retinal researchers, and crossing paths with Astronaut Neil Armstrong, Mickey Mantle, Queen Elizabeth, and Prince Charles. Given this dramatic underpinning, this is a story of resiliency, of life’s complexities and contradictions, a window into the life of one American family that will appeal across the US and beyond—a deeply human story with ultra-personal themes. The story includes hard-edged humor and pranks, sometimes bordering on cruelty. Cold Turkey at Nine: The Memoir of a Problem Child is a compelling narrative of a mischievous and inquisitive little farm boy who grew into an uncharted adulthood and restlessly pursued varying ambitions. This is a universal story that many will relate to—it touches on the very things that matter to most of us. Our childhoods, our careers, our marriages, our families. And how ordinary people deal with extraordinary circumstances.

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