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Anastacia Moore

Anastacia Moore Updated November 03, 2013

Book Listings

100% of people liked it
All editions: 4.81 average rating, 21 ratings, 8 reviews, added by 49 people, 25 to-reads
This edition: 5.00 average rating, 17 ratings, 7 reviews, added by 44 people
RATING 5 Stars (18 readers for 81%)
RATING 4 Stars (3 readers for 13%)
RATING 3 Stars (1 reader for 4%)

BARNES & NOBLE RATING - Average 4.5 Stars from 7 Reviews
SONY RATING - Average 4 Stars from 12 Reviews
AMAZON RATING - 5 Stars from 3 Reviews
Anastacia Moore

Author Details

Pen Name
Anastacia Moore
Where I Live
Greater San Diego Area
If you enjoy ghosts, horror, and adventure on the high seas, you will enjoy "Curse of The Salute". For tips and helpful information for Indie Authors, check out Anastacia Moore's blog on Wordpress. Independent authors have a voice, and it can be heard loud and clear on many sites.


Obtrusion Book 1 The Gathering New Cover


Curse of The Salute
Obtrusion Book 2 REDEMPTION Trailer
Curse of The Salute Trailer
Obtrusion Book 3 SALVATION Trailer
Obtrusion Book 1 THE GATHERING Trailer

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