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McCollonough Ceili

McCollonough Ceili Updated March 16, 2013


McCollonough Ceili

Author Details

Pen Name
McCollonough Ceili
Where I Live
Ireland and TN
Shout Out this is my wonderful illustrator. I love this site for its great poems.
In the eyes of a child all stuffed animals come to life. Well Dollar can come to life with out the help of a child's imagination. While alive Dollar tries to contribute to the world around him. Sadly his contributions leave behind more headaches then help.
Dollar writes about his adventures in emails that he sends to his friends back in his human's playroom.
Dollar is a toy bunny with the power to become real. Children will delight in his funny and sometimes crazy emails that he sends back to his friends in the playroom. There are also lots of fun coloring sheets and activities to help promote the reader's own imagination. With activities and coloring sheets ranging from age three to age ten this book is sure to delight all the children in your family.



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