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LeTeisha Newton

LeTeisha Newton Updated November 12, 2015
LeTeisha Newton

Author Details

Pen Name
LeTeisha Newton
Where I Live
LeTeisha Newton is the author of a plethora of novels ranging from hot Interracial Erotica, Paranormal biters, Fantasy, and Urban Fantasy genres. As a Goodreads, NightReading, Amazon, Kindle, Sony, and Diesel author LeTeisha has begun to reach out to fans. She began writing long before she ever thought about publishing. Thanks to an amazing teacher, that kept telling her to STOP reading in class, she decided to go further than she ever thought possible with her writing. Baile, her premier novel, is the only one written in the first person, and, at times, her go to novel for inspiration. As a mother herself LeTeisha truly felt the way Yfel did about doing anything for one's children, go to any lengths, and smile at the end. She enjoys hearing from her fans. Follow her on twitter @LeTeishaNewton


A Wolf Like Mine
Shifter Heat
Aphrodite's Chosen
Assassin's Call
Murder by Ritual
Stolen Warrior
Theirs to Claim
The Fire of His Claim
Howl at the Moon
Dragon's Ward


Book Trailer - Aphrodite's Chosen
Book Trailer - A Wolf Like Mine
Book trailer -- Baile
Book Trailer - Assassin's Call
Book Trailer - Dragon's Ward
A Date To Remember Teaser Trailer
Book Trailer -- Murder By Ritual
The Works of LeTeisha Newton
Book Trailer - Stolen Warrior
Book Trailer -- Melt Me
Caged Heart
Book Trailer -- Howl at the Moon

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