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A.L. Jambor

A.L. Jambor Updated February 04, 2013
A.L. Jambor

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Thank you for supporting me with kind words and by buying and reading my books. I am very grateful for the opportunity to share my stories with you.
The accidental release of a biological weapon decimates the population of the United States, but a girl named Mindy and an eighteen-year-old terrier dog named Baby Girl have survived. Who released the weapon? Why was there no warning, and why did Mindy and Baby Girl survive? Read But the Children Survived - for Kindle and in paperback on - where all will be revealed.
Two thousand years ago - Pello Island is a prison colony just south of Sicily. The normal rules of society don't apply, and for a spoiled Roman patrician named Darius, it's the first time he's ever had to fight for his own survival. He's been sent to Pello Island for a crime he didn't commit and left the girl he loves in Rome. She's promised to join him in six months, but Darius isn't used to waiting for what he wants.Love, betrayal, lust and murder all play out on the rocky island in the middle of the Mediterranean until the Roman god of the sea, Neptune, throws his trident at the wrong target and changes the Pello Islander's fates forever.

BUT THE CHILDREN SURVIVED is a harrowing tale of survival in the face of unspeakable odds.  After the release of a biologiclal weapon, a young girl named Mindy Lane survives and finds herself alone with an eighteen-year-old dog.  She is found by other survivors and taken to a biosphere where she meets other children who also survived.  Why did they live when so many other died?  Where did the weapon come from, and where are Mindy's parents?

PELLO ISLAND is a prison colony south of Sicily.  When a catastrophic accident destroys the island killing its mortal population, the Roman gods decide to give the mortals a second chance to fulfill their destinies.  Some go on and complete their lives, while other live over and over again, failing to complete the cycle.  Now, Jupiter has decreed that the remaining mortals must complete their cycle or risk being banished to Hades forever!

Three parts of the Pello Island series are avialbe now - Pello Island Cassia, Darius Pello Island 2, and Antonia Pello Island 3.  Destinies Fulfilled Pello Island 4 is coming soon.

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