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Natasha Dao

Natasha Dao Updated September 16, 2013



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Natasha Dao

Author Details

Pen Name
Natasha Dao
Where I Live
Queensland, Australia
Hi there! A little insight of me would entail of constant optimism and positive outlook in life...or at least I try to through the adversities of many challenges that can be rewarding in the end knowing and learning more about myself to become a better person always with greater self-improvements and of continuous growth and change. Which explains why my upcoming book "Living on Purpose with Love & Gratitude" (to be launched late November), is the foundation of my journey to becoming a changed agent and self-empowerment. In concourse of wanting to help people to achieve the same. All within the realm of living your true higher purpose self through the healing of activating your inner Love & Gratitude into all aspect of life. By finding your inner peace, self-love, freedom and all to the abundance of life and happiness.

A world with Love & Gratitude = A world on a mission with purpose. So if you haven't guessed yet, most of my interests of readings are in the genres of self-help, personal growth and development and entrepreneurialism / businesses. That doesn't mean I am inclined to pick up a good read of fictional fantasy books from time to time...unless it revolves around love and romance :) I love to read with purpose and understanding of our spiritual realm where the human heart is more likely to be felt and self-understood. The quest of all quest of all human minds (ego) is to go deeper beyond their roots of their heart and soul to bring the forefront of our many answers that we are seeking as of truth...LOVE! Ohh...Did I mention, do love philosophy too!


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