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Cheri Vause

Cheri Vause Updated February 16, 2015



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Rated Five Stars - finalist in Best Mystery Bookbzz Contest


Cheri Vause

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Cheri Vause
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Mystery Writer of America, Sisters In Crime
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Indies Unlimited is a wonderful site. You have an opportunity to connect with other authors and those who love to read. Plus the people who work on the website are fabulous.
Author, Cheri Vause turned a lifetime of adversary and grief into fodder for her literary mysteries. "Pain is a great teacher," she says, "And it can color your world with hate or compassion. I choose compassion and happiness." She should know. Having experienced everything from homelessness to physical suffering she has empathy and compassion for her villains, as well as her heroes. "Life is too short to wallow in misery because something awful happened to you. I always say if you aren't laughing, you aren't doing it right."

All her novels are penned on a long wooden table that once served lavish meals for her family. "Now I serve up murder and intrigue in a cold noir dish." With all her children grown, she has plenty of time to write. She loves including an element of mysticism in each novel, from precognition to prophetic warnings. "It's important that my writing contains a deeper core. I adore making artwork a character, or a place, or the weather, or a dance. I want these things to tremble through each story, making my work unforgettable."

She is the author of the The Truth and Nothing but Lies, and a newly released mystery thriller series, beginning with The Night Shadow, available from Amazon today. Click on the Amazon link below to buy. The second in the series, The Touch of a Shadow, will be released in March of 2015. The third is still in the works. Her first novel, The Garden of Souls, an action adventure story in the tradition of an Indiana Jones style story, was self-published, and is still available.

Cheri is a theologian and a photographer besides being a novelist. She is the mother of two sets of twins, born on the same day fourteen years apart, which was not only interesting, but a living mystery. Presently, she lives on a small ranch in the heart of Texas with her husband and two dogs. One is a Coydog (half coyote and half Beagle) named Scully, and the other is one who limped up their driveway, "a volunteer dog," she calls him, is a black Great Pyrenees. They named him, of course, Mulder. "Yes," Cheri said, "they are straight out of the X-Files, but we love them. They're our furry kids."Chéri has been in love with mysticism her entire life. It came to flower when she converted to Catholicism, finding a kinship with the great Saints who also had a passion for the spiritual life such as, Saint Therese of Avila and Saint John of the Cross. She has taught theology for twenty years using the Catholic Ladder as the structure and references from the Talmud (Old Testament commentary by the sages), the Aggadah (the oral stories of the Old Testament), and the Kabbalah (the story of creation). She knew she found the key when she received her first standing ovation after a class on a Saturday that lasted all day. "When people hear the truth," she says, "they have that Aha! moment. No lie can ever take that away, because it is a truly mystical experience that marries your soul."

She has written three mystery novels. The Truth and Nothing But Lies, The Night Shadow, and The Touch of a Shadow. Her first book, The Garden of Souls, was self-published and is still available on Amazon.The Night Shadow is the first in a trilogy. The second is The Touch of a Shadow. The third will be released later in 2015.

"I want to be the first female Michael Crichton, because I want to write in a lot of genres, including literary. I'm writing a science fiction story, I'm starting a Gothic thriller, and I've written a western short story nearly ready for publication," she says. "Pigeonholing is beyond limiting. It's stifling."

Photography, theology, poetry, history, physics, and reading the classics are her passions. Her favorite authors are Dostoevsky, Dickens, Austen, du Maurier, Wharton, Fowles, Greene, Forster, and Maugham. Presently, she is making room in that list for Melville, Conrad, and Hugo. "I learn something everyday from these authors. I can weep for Billy Budd, and long that Ahab would learn to give up his revenge, over and over again. I can dance with Mr. Darcy, and ache over Ethan Frome's obsessive longing. Novels escort us into worlds we can never inhabit, except in our mind. We can learn something about ourselves in the process, and become better people. Just as my faith gives me strength, love, and the power to forgive, so can myth strengthen my faith, help me to understand people, and give me insights into cultures that influence mine. Great stories are a gift to the world, the gift of insight into the mind of another human being. How often during our daily grind can we say that?"

She finds that nature is a powerful potion to cure melancholy, and loves to try and capture it in her photos. She is the mother of two sets of twins, born on the same day, fourteen years apart. She is the wife of her best friend, John, the great love of her life, and considers him the most honorable man she has ever known. They have a Coydog named Scully, who is a bitch in the truest sense of the word, and a volunteer dog, a black Great Pyrenees they named Mulder. And, she lives in the great State of Texas. She wasn't born there, but she got there as soon as she could.


The Garden of Souls
Book Expo of America in New York 2013
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