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William Kenney

William  Kenney Updated September 08, 2013
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Where I Live
St. Louis, MO. USA
"The authenticity of this book really astounded me. Everything just seemed flawlessly believable, and the dialogue especially added to this. It just seemed to flow effortlessly, the language suited the text and the storyline perfectly, things that I appreciate in a fantasy novel."

"The one thing I enjoyed about this book; the originality. It deals with the good versus evil theme but there are some characters introduced who are not all that they seem, and I do enjoy reading about complicated characters. "


A Dream of Storms (In the Shadow of the Black Sun: Book 1)
Shards of S'Darin (In the Shadow of the Black Sun: Book 2)
Embremere (Tales of Embremere: Book 1)
Return to Embremere (Tales of Embremere: Book 2)
Undergrowth (A horror novella)
Shadewraiths over Pandaria (In the Shadow of the Black Sun: short story)
A Gathering of Dust (Skulldust Circle anthology)

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