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Rebecca Clare Smith

Rebecca Clare Smith Updated September 26, 2016
Rebecca Clare Smith

Author Details

Where I Live
United Kingdom
Primarily a fantasy hound, Rebecca is an animal lover with a writing style that meanders between dystopian & urban. She lives by the seaside with her pragmatic other half & their cats in the lovely UK county of Yorkshire (where tea drinking is expected & dunking biscuits is mandatory).

Her day job is friendlier than her plot lines might have you expect & her house is far less cluttered than her head, surprisingly. Occasionally she attempts to garden or clean, but is more often found with her face buried in new writing or the writing of others.


Desecrated Bonds Trailer
YouTube Channel Trailer
Preying On Time (#1 Indigo Skies Series) [no music]
Breaking Cadence Trailer [No Music]
Delivering Hope Trailer

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