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Andy Dickenson

Andy Dickenson Updated September 20, 2013
Andy Dickenson

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Andy Dickenson
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At the end of the world who’s left to blame? Tucker and Six are two teenagers living in the last city on earth, a city full of odd characters, each with a different theory of how the world ended. Together they uncover a murder and begin to realise that, not just one, but all these theories could be true.... A future fantasy written for adults and young adults alike. "Captivatingly visual, cunningly intoxicating and perfectly picking through and living off the pop cultural scraps of our dying society, The Last Days seamlessly blends the exotic fantasy of the X-Men or Avengers with TV’s Heroes, and taps into the moody best of British Doomsday scenarists like John Wyndam, Christopher Priest and J.G. Ballard." Now Read This! “Dickenson has created a thrilling and visceral piece of writing that will have you twisting and turning all they way till the end... Highly recommended.” Giles Paley-Phillips, author The Fearsome Beastie


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