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Brad Windhauser

Brad Windhauser Updated September 20, 2013
Brad Windhauser

Author Details

Where I Live
Philadelphia, PA

Regret: The bodies of gay men are turning up all over Philadelphia. Detective John Thompson is determined to find out who is behind this string of murders before it is too late. A character-driven murder mystery, Regret follows a religious group that decides that God's "ways" are working too slowly in "curing" gays, so they decide to take matters into their own hands. After recruiting a medical researcher looking to establish a name for himself, they set to the task of seducing then euthanizing gay men to amass a pool of test subjects to isolate a gay gene. A detective leads the case into the crop of bodies materializing around the city. All three story lines intersect, ultimately colliding to show the underside of ambition driven by the weight of the past and the effect all this has on the people we love when we are too afraid to face the decisions of which we have been a part.


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