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Sherry Rentschler

Sherry Rentschler Updated April 06, 2015



Book Listings

2014 Global eBook Awards Gold Medalist - Paper Bones
2014 Readers' Favorite International Book Awards Finalist - Paper Bones
2014 National Indie Excellence Award (NIEA) Finalist - Paper Bones
2013 AUTHORSdB Gold Medal Winner - Paper Bones


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Sherry Rentschler
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Author Details

Pen Name
Sherry Rentschler
Where I Live
Charlotte, NC
Sherry Rentschler’s poetry has appeared online and in print. She’s a previous Assistant Editor, Amateur Poetry Journal (online), and a newspaper columnist/photojournalist. She lived in Italy, traveling around Europe, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Greenland and Puerto Rico. Among her hobbies are all things vampire, dragon collecting, photographing trees, and dancing with faeries. She loves old movies, reading urban and gothic fantasies, fine wine, and dark chocolate. Sherry is a retired USAF veteran, receiving her bachelor and graduate degrees while in the military. She currently resides in North Carolina with her husband, also a retired USAF veteran. She has two poetry books, PAPER BONES and her latest, BY LIGHT BETRAYED.

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A Huge Thank You
Sherry, thank you for telling me about this site. Have joined and am looking around and finding the site has so much to offer. By the way, love that your book cover won Gold. Not only the cover, but loved the poems and pictures too. Waiting with bated breath for your next book. ~ Mary
Owner's reply March 24, 2014

Thank you, Mary! I'm proud to have you as a mentor and be able to share something new - like this place - with you! I know your books will rock the awards!

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