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Anne Carlisle

Anne Carlisle Updated October 12, 2013



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ANPA award
National Writer's Club novel manuscript award
4.5 of 5 star ratings in Goodreads reviews


Anne Carlisle

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Key West FL; Seattle WA; Wilmington NC
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Laurie's Paranormal Thoughts
Book Nerds Anonymous
One Thousand Worlds
Dark World

Part human, part siren, Cassandra pursues a love life in the Old West that results in a curse which passes down the generations. A new take on paranormal romance by an award-winning author: The SIREN'S TALE (Home Schooling series #2) is a stand-alone novel by Anne Carlisle, rated 4.5 of 5 stars in Goodreads reviews. Cassandra, a beautiful creature part human and part siren, can have any man she wants. So long as she wants him dead. Cassandra's pursuit of love and passion in the hinterlands of the Old West, her success in the silent film industry, and her conflict with a powerful curse are recounted in part by her ghost. She is unable to undo the curse, which passes down the generations. Her demon grandson is headed to Wyoming to wreak revenge for his father, the bastard son she abandoned. And the modern family is threatened by extinction, unless the youngest carries her illegitimate pregnancy to term. Genre: paranormal historical-romance Age Group: 16+ NA-Adult On Amazon, Nook, and All RomanceE.


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