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Steven P. Marini

Steven P. Marini February 07, 2013
Steven P. Marini

Author Details

Where I Live
West Yarmouth, MA


Some people seek out connections. Jack Contino does it for a living. A cop knows how to link people and events. Maria Falcone connects people and places; the city of Boston, a rural New Hampshire college town, a Boston hit man, a college professor.

 Jack Contino is a veteran cop with the Metropolitan District Commission Police Department.  He often works with the FBI and a gangland massacre puts him in pursuit of a killer, but the trail takes an unexpected turn.

 Maria connects by leading a double life; college coed during the week and high priced call girl on weekends. A professor loves her. A mobster uses her. Her future depends on one of them.

Ben Secani learned to kill for his country in Vietnam and finds opportunity in the Boston Mob.

The action puts these people on a collision course and the result changes their lives forever.

Connections is the first in a series of Boston-based crime stories featuring Det. Jack Contino. He is based on a real life Boston cop and some real crimes are the inspiration for events that take place in this fictional world. A nemesis also appears in Jack Contino's life who is inspired by a true life criminal, now in custody. Can you guess who?


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