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Robert P. Wills

RP Updated April 27, 2013
Robert P. Wills

Author Details

Where I Live
Herrenberg, Germany
Drimblerod Axebreath and Grimbledung Sixtoes are Gnomes who run second hand wand shoppes in the town of Aution. Times are tough. Invading forces are wreaking havoc. Wand sales are all over the charts. After meeting on a battlefield, they decide to combine their forces. Well, Drimblerod sort of threatens Grimbledung into it. In any case, they combine their talents and inventories and set out as partners in the market of used wands. Sure, it sounds like a good idea but... Grimbledung is a bit unstable (due to an old injury that put some pixie parts in his head) and things seem to spiral out of control.Once the operation gets going, things start to get interesting: Neighbors are pestered, ordinances are broken, the Magicians Guild sends over a couple of enforcers to investigate the Gnomes. Akita the town Constable is also having to do a lot more work that he is used to- and that's not a good thing. He's a cantankerous lawman who prefers long naps in the sun. He's also a biter. Mainly because he's a werewolf. I'd like to say "it all ends well", but to be honest, "it all ends in a raging inferno" is a bit more accurate.


Cover of Book 1
Nulu Bentknees serving Drimblerod, Rat, and Grimbledung
Akita not pleased at all with Garibaldis' lack of clothes.
Cover of Book 2- Gnomes, and Halflings, and Assassins! Oh My!
Map of The Lands. Well, until the events at the end of Book 1...

Sample Chapter

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  • Sneak Peek: Book 2: Gnomes, and Halflings, and Assassins! Oh My!
    Aution lay in ruins. Charred, smoldering ruins. The Gnomes, Rat, and Nulu make their way out to Big Julie’s School of Magic. They’re looking for a place to hide out until things cool down. News hasn’t spread about Grimbledung being responsible for the town-wide fire and they want to keep it that way. The gang decides that a new town is in order, and it will be built around Julie’s school. Julesville is founded and everything seems to be moving along smoothly. Until a certain newly-unemployed werewolf, and a newly-put-out-of-business Haberdashery owner show up. With Akita and Pozzuoli in town, things aren’t looking good for Grimbledung. Fortunately for him, the impending Halfling invasion gets everyone’s attention. Bent on revenge against Grimbledung for cheating them out of the fun of razing Aution, a group of Halflings arrives in Julesville and declares Martial Law. Meanwhile, the Army of the Lord High Priest of Halflings masses on the other side of the Anti-Ogre Wal!. Prost Garrison prepares for the inevitable attack that they fully expect will wipe them out. Working together, thanks to Grimbledung, the gang tricks the Halflings into leaving Julesville (intact even), repels the Halfling invasion, and restore peace to the lands. Well, not really that last one...
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