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Cassandra M.Porter

Cassandra M.Porter Updated January 09, 2018
Cassandra M.Porter

Author Details

Pen Name
Cassandra M.Porter
Where I Live
London, UK
This is not your ordinary romance novel; it is a story about passion, love, desire and loss based on real life experiences and situations we can all relate to. Dealing with the real issues in relationships it highlights the tribulations of looking for love in today's independent society.

Janet Lloyd, has been secretly in love with her best friend Marcus since they first met in college. However, returning from Luton Marcus evokes some suppressed feelings which she has been hiding since the night she kicked him out of her hotel room three years ago. Will she be able to control her real feelings or will his secret prevent her from confessing her undying love?

Keshia Maxwell, is the fun attractive woman, trying to hold on to a relationship that has already failed. But this time he will change, he promised and love should conquer all! But he hasn't changed and she realises that she may just be number two for the rest of her life. However, she has secrets too; her past hasn't always rendered her faithful! Will she commit to the end or will she continue to look for a plan B? But will her impatience cause her to be left with nothing? 

Leyah Rogers is no longer Reese's doormat! Although he was perfect, it was all a lie. After finding out that he was engaged to another woman, she promised never to let a man hurt her again. Regardless of their three year old daughter, she was not about to be the 'other' woman! There would be no playing 'happy families'. Being vigilant worked for her, and she had built up her immunity and tarnished all men with the same brush, but she never expected that her true love was right in front of her all along.



Chapter 1 (If Loving You Was Easy) By Cassandra M. Porter [@cassiemporter]

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