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Anne Sweazy-Kulju

Anne Sweazy Kulju Updated July 28, 2017



Book Listings

Winner,, 'Book of the Moment Club' Feature; "BODIE" (Feb 2015)
Finalist, Creme de la Cover, Cover Contest; online competition; "BODIE" (Nov 2014)
Winner,, Book Poll: What To Read Next, "the thing with feathers" (Oct 2014)
Semi-finalist, Cover Contest, "the thing with feathers" (Nov 2014)
Silver Medal (Finalist), WILLA Literary Awards: Original Softcover Fiction, "BODIE" (October 2014)
1st Place Int'l Winner, First Chapter Contest, "Grog Wars" (March 2013)
Winner, FlurriesOfWords: Flash Fiction at 5:00, "The Dog Whisperer-er" (2012)
Honorable Mention, The Source: Flash-fiction Short Story, Humor, "The Dog Whisperer-er" (2012)
Placement, Horror-Fiction Anthology: Agony In Black, "The Party Favor" (1998)
Placement, Horror-Fiction Anthology: Agony In Black, "Not Quite Dead" (1997)
Winner, Oregon Adventures: Best Editorial Contribution, "Best B&B's of the Oregon Coast" (1992)


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Anne Sweazy-Kulju

Author Details

Pen Name
Anne Sweazy-Kulju
Where I Live
Pacific City, Oregon
Shout Out
"History books which contain no lies are extremely dull." -Anatole France

"You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club." -Jack London

"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's just to dark to read." -Groucho Marx
Anne Sweazy-Kulju--is the daughter of a History teacher and granddaughter to an Irish storyteller, so it's small wonder her genre of choice is historical fiction. She moved her family from Southern California to Oregon's coast at age 31, purchased a 1906 Victorian, which they turned into a B&B Inn, and crossed one off the bucket list! Two years later, Sweazy-Kulju suffered disabling injuries in an auto accident and had to sell the Inn. She turned to writing articles and stories--something she had no education or experience in doing.

Sweazy-Kulju is currently the author of three historical fiction novels with a fourth in progress. Her debut novel, "the thing with feathers," is a noir saga, but well received. The Innkeeper-turned-writer's second novel, "BODIE", was awarded a silver medal for Original Softcover Fiction at The WILLA Literary Awards in 2014. Her latest release, "Grog Wars," took 1st Place in the international writing competition held by, in March 2013. Sweazy-Kulju has also won honors for short stories and awards for editorials. Fans may even come across a somewhat rare, self-published recipe book from her inn.


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