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Cade H. Hawkins

Cade H. Hawkins Updated July 28, 2017



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4 stars great review


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frog boy's origin cover

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Pen Name
Cade H. Hawkins
Where I Live
United States
Cade H. Hawkins is An author of many stories and sometimes it's hard to keep up with them all, but each one is unique and interesting. Each one grabs hold of your attention until the story is over and you'll love Frog Boy.

Review by: Carol Weshenfelder on Oct. 21, 2013. 4 star rating
-"This book is fun to read! It has all the things that make a good story: a character that is interesting, a problem the character needs to solve, a beginning, middle and end, and surprising humor. I thought the dialog was well done and that it mimicked true speech between teen friends without being boring (which is hard to do for new writers). I would recommend this book to any young teen who likes adventure, super heroes and a few laughs along the way. I believe that Cade Hawkins will progress as he hones his craft and I expect to see him on the best seller list in the future."

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