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Jeffrey Bolden

Jeffrey Bolden February 07, 2013
Jeffrey Bolden

Author Details

Pen Name
Jeffrey Bolden
Where I Live
United States

Imagine being inside of the soul described above's head for four years. Imagine watching from his eyes a world of haze and chaos pass by. Then imagine the imagination and the poetry that forms inside of this mind for four years and you have Book Of Soul. Book Of Soul follows Jeffrey Bolden through the years 2009 - 2012 painting pictures as surreal as Salvador Dali with stories such as "Never B PeaCe", a short story about the conditions of gang violence in LA if left unchecked, and "Smile On Her Face", a poem about a love he could never have shown to him in a dream and following him into Heaven to realistic in short stories such as "Fly", a short story about a good friend's baby sister graduating from high school and giving her valedictorian speech to "Beauty Is Her Name," a short story about a young man verbally and mentally abused by his family who finds escape in his best friend and eventually in that night finds love as well to abstract in poems such as "Maybeline," a poem about the disguises we put on to the rest of the world to "Love Between Two Poets," a poem which really could be seen as either erotic or the melding of two minds or better yet, the melding of two pens. Whatever short story or prose or poem you read, know that it was painted with the hues of my soul with a concentration of honesty, tears, and happiness and with that I present to you the tapestry of my experiences, the book of my soul. Book Of Soul.


Book Of Soul
Smokin' Hydrophonic
Debut Novel All We Know Is Falling

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