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Karen and Kathy Sills

Author Kathy Sills Updated April 29, 2017



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Karen and Kathy Sills
Karen and Kathy Sills

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Harrisville, MS.
Hi our names are Karen and Kathy Sills, and yes we are twins. We are very close and share all likes and dislikes. We love to write, and have written a children's book titled Feelings, Feelings, Feelings, which is out on amazon. We have a passion for cooking as well, and hope to have a cookbook out soon!
We live in Harrisville Mississippi with our Mother and dog Molly. We have an older brother who lives in North Carolina. We enjoy spending time with him when he visits.
We both work in child care, and that is how our writing children's books came about. We both have a dream of writing a novel oneday. A big dream also would be to have our own catering business or food truck!
We hope to touch the hearts of children with our books, but also reach the hearts of parents too that read our books to their children. We hope to touch people with our love for food as well.

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