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Bromme Hampton Cole 柯博明

Bromme Hampton Cole Updated November 09, 2013




Bromme Hampton Cole 柯博明

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Today, China’s elderly population is approaching a staggering 170 million and in 2025 it will exceed 250 million. This demographic fact coupled with a growing Chinese middle class, have combined to make the senior living business one of the most dynamic new industries on the Mainland. There is a lot that Westerners can do here…and a lot they will not be able to do. The extent to which Western experts in geriatrics and those in the business of health care can participate in this extraordinary industry depends on one’s ability to do business the Chinese-way. And what doing business the Chinese-way actually means is not easily defined but requires a cultural awareness that comes only with time spent in China and, of course, that elusive quality of effective cross-cultural relationships, patience. Enter the Ageing Dragon… is an insightful chronicle of one man’s experience in the senior living business in China from its very inception…his views on its future development and more importantly, how he successfully built his business. A gifted story teller with intuitive multicultural business instincts, the author artfully narrates the story through the entertaining lens of classical movies about China.



Shanghai Minhang Presentation - BH Cole speech

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