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Caroline A Connell

Caroline A Connell Updated November 09, 2013
Caroline A Connell

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Caroline A Connell
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It's a sunny Saturday in Geneva in late June. Tourists pound the city's heat-soaked pavements, lured by the prospect of sophisticated sight-seeing in such a beautiful lakeside setting.

Skimming across the water, affluent denizens sit on the rails of their yachts, loosening the sheets, and feeling the breeze on their faces.

The siren call of summer, though, doesn't lure Teddi Woods out of her apartment. An expert in tax planning by global businesses, she is used to solving complex challenges. For once she is puzzled by the email in her inbox, until she realises that she has discovered something that was meant to stay secret.

Her destiny seems inevitable, but can she escape the vortex of destruction before it is too late?


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