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Orlando Smart-Powell

Orlando Smart-Powell Updated June 25, 2013



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2012 Novel of the Year - Critique My Novel

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United States
GODS OF EGYPT - With a Balance of good and evil, man may choose his own path freely - that is the Covenant agreed to by God and Lucifer himself.

But the Balance has been undone!

Shazadeh, a demoness of unspeakable power and enchanting beauty has tilted the scales in Hell’s favor. With the balance undone, she seeks to anoint herself goddess of the earth. And the earth, her prize, she shall have if she can find and kill the one child who has been prophesized to become her equal and bring balance back to the world.

Tamen—an immortal being—who governed Egypt as the god Horus, has been sent by the Christ himself to find the child.

The war for mankind’s souls has begun!

A dark shadow creeps upon the earth. Mankind’s soul teeters on the brink of salvation and damnation. The demons have already prepared for war . . . and victory!

Tamen now has but two paths. Succeed . . . and save the souls of men. Fail . . . and the world falls into everlasting darkness.

FOLSOM ON FIRE - As an ex-slave living in the South, pregnant Mary Cole is used to adversity.  When a creeping evil arrives in the dusty town of Folsom determined to quench its thirst for death, Mary's inner strength is put to the ultimate test.  Everyone she cares about . . . her husband Lar . . . the white teen, Paul, she has raised from birth who is struggling with his sexuality . . . the baby inside her . . . all are in danger.  Though she is a woman . . . black . . . and without rights as a person, stout and broad shouldered Mary doesn't back down when evil comes for her.  They may have the lynching noose, but Mary has her axe.       


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Gods of Egypt
Folsom on Fire   Trailer

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