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Chris White

CW Updated February 08, 2013

Book Listings

Author Chris White is the recipient of the Idaho Top 50 Authors award (2011) and the Idaho Top Ten Authors award (2012) and Michael, Book Two in the Airel Saga, is an Idaho Top Five Book (2012). Chris edits for award-winning clients as well, including Becky Lyles (Winds of Wyoming, Idaho Top Five book 2012) and Russ Elkins (Idaho Top Five book 2012). The Airel Saga, co-written with author Aaron Patterson, is consistently ranked in the top 10,000 eBooks on Amazon, with occasional forays into the top 100 overall, and the top ten in several categories.
Chris White

Author Details

Pen Name
C.P. White
Where I Live
United States
Shout Out
Bri Clark
Aaron Patterson
Esau Kessler


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