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Hydra M. Star

Hydra M. Star Updated April 10, 2018




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Hydra M. Star
Hydra M. Star

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Charlotte, NC
Hydra M. Star began her existence as one half of a set of twin fetuses. She ate her twin in utero. Almost from her birth—as an only child—she had an intense interest in all things mysterious and magical. As she aged, her taste matured and darkened from the Disneyesque styled fairy stories of childhood to the Erotic Horror she writes and publishes today. Her work is often inspired by legend and folklore, with violent werewolf sex being one of her favorite things. Consider your triggers warned.

In addition to writing, Hydra designs and hand-burns a line of pyrography items featuring symbols and signs from various occult and magical traditions. She is also the publisher of Infernal Ink Magazine and the owner of Infernal Ink Books, both of which she uses as platforms to bring the most twisted and sexually depraved horror and dark fiction she can find to the world.

More about Hydra and her work can be found through her website,

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I love your new page! :D
Owner's reply November 17, 2013

Thanks, Mae! Your continued friendship and support mean a lot.

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