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Carol Hovsepian

Carol Hovsepian Updated March 02, 2014
Carol Hovsepian

Author Details

Pen Name
Carol Hovsepian
Where I Live
United States

When a 9-year-old poet and a 7-year-old painter struggle with their homework, an odd-looking, mysterious stranger appear to offer unusual help: a journey in time via rainbow that promises to unlock their minds. Their incredible, sometimes harrowing, adventures have them rubbing elbows with the likes of Socrates, Cleopatra and other famous figures, all while they struggle to fulfill the tasks that will return them home. The Poet and the Painter launches children on an adventure – an adventure that relieves the stress of brain block so children can tackle unfamiliar learning projects, homework assignments and other unfamiliar tasks. The book teaches youngsters how to think outside the proverbial box, stretch the limits of their imaginations and creativity, and accomplish learning goals. Fun and educational, The Poet and the Painter is a treasure for kids, parents, teachers and anyone who adores adventure, art and poetry. Carol is a well-known script and book consultant. Her services are available through her website:


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