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David Kingsley Evans

David  Kingsley Evans Updated November 22, 2013


David Kingsley Evans

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Where I Live
South Wales, UK

The chronicles of the greatest historian in the Galaxy records that during this time a forgotten evil was breaking free from a celestial prison. The Galaxy was unprepared for the creatures known as the Kree. The monsters massacred worlds, killing indiscriminately, sucking on the souls of their victims. They destroyed even the most powerful military space fleets who dared to oppose them. Technologically advanced they were an unstoppable swarm spreading across the heavens. The Kree saw the extermination of entire races as mere collateral damage. Only a living gift from an ascended race prevented the Kree claiming outright victory. Precious time was gained and that gave the allies’ a chance to seek the help of the omnipotent being called an Ocle. The question then was… would the Ocle help?


The Tale - A Story of Galactic Proportions


Video 2 : THE TALE - A Story of Galactic Proportions
Video 2 : THE TALE - A Story of Galactic Proportions

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