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Wilfred Morgan

Wilf Updated November 30, 2013
Wilfred Morgan

Author Details

Pen Name
Wilf Morgan
Where I Live
Nottingham, UK

THE ASSASSIN'S WEDDING Sometimes, it's about love. Sometimes, it's about flowers. Sometimes, it's just about surviving the happiest day of your life. THAT TIME IN HONDURAS "Okay, I'm gonna tell this story pretty fast, so try to keep up, I may be dead any second. Also, I hear pigs..." THE COTTON KEEPER "What's that? A spider?" "That's not a spider, Sep. That's a hand. A human hand." ARTHUR NESS AND THE SECRET OF WATERWHISTLE, PART 1 "There's nothing to be afraid of," said the Cat. "Okay, apart from the witch. And the Yarnbulls. And the Needlemen. But apart from that, nothing at all..."


The Greatest Show on Earth
Arthur Ness and the Secret of Waterwhistle, Pt 1
The Assassin's Wedding

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