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J.E. Taylor

J.E. Taylor Updated November 30, 2013
J.E. Taylor

Author Details

Pen Name
J.E. Taylor
Where I Live
United States

J.E. Taylor publishes suspense thrillers that aren't for the faint of heart. Delve into a world of horror as her fiction captures your imagination. Her crime thrillers and erotic thrillers arouse you in ways that terrify and tantalize you at the same time.


Survival Games (Games Series - Book 1)
Mind Games (Games Series - Book 2)
End Game (Games Series - Book 3)
The Games Trilogy
Dark Reckoning (Steve Williams Series - Book 1)
Vengeance (Steve Williams Series - Book 2)
Hunting Season (Steve Williams Series - Book 3)
Crystal Illusions (Steve Williams Series - Book 5)
Georgia Reign (Steve Williams Series - Book 4)
Saving Face (Steve Williams Series - Book 6)
Night Hawk (Night Hawk Series - Book 1)
Tigress (Night Hawk Series - Book 2)
Don't Fear The Reaper (The Death Chronicles Book 1)
Highway to Hell (The Death Chronicles Book 2)
Dome Warriors
Steam - Anthology of Erotic Shorts
Glimpses - Anthology of Short Stories

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