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Sam Smith

Sam Smith Updated November 25, 2013



Author Details

Pen Name
Sam Smith
Where I Live
Maryport, Cumbria, UK
Shout Out
by Sam Smith - poetry collections - 'To Be Like John Clare' University of Salzburg Press 1997 'Skin&Bones' Odyssey Poets 1997 'Dialogues' Silver Gull Publishing' 1998 'John the Explorer' Gecko Press 1999 'pieces' K.T.Publications 2001 'the complete pieces' BeWrite e-book 2007 'Rooms' Oasis broadsheet 2002 'apostrophe combe' boho press 2003 'Problems & Polemics' boho press 2004 'Rooms & Dialogues' boho press 2005 'Canoe' erbacce press 2008 'An Atheist's Alphabetical Approach to Death' erbacce press 2009 novels - 'Sister Blister' Online Originals 1999 'The End of Science Fiction' Jacobyte Books 2000 'Paths of Error: Undeclared War' Jacobyte Books 2001 'Paths of Error: Constant Change' Jacobyte Books 2001 'Paths of Error: As Recorded' Jacobyte Books 2002 'Marks' BeWrite Books 2002 'Porlock Counterpoint' BeWrite Books 2002 'The Care Vortex' BeWrite Books 2002 'Sick Ape: an everyday tale of terrorist folk' BeWrite Books 2003 'The End of Science Fiction' BeWrite Books 2004 'The Secret Report of Friar Otto' boho press 2006 'We Need Madmen' Skrev Press 2007 'John John' Turner Maxwell Books 2008 'Something's Wrong' DPdotcom publishing 2009 Towards the unMaking of Heaven: Balant: A Beginning' 2009 RealTime Books 'Towards the unMaking of Heaven: Happiness: a planet' 2009 RealTime Books 'Towards the unMaking of Heaven: You Human: the Leander Chronicle' 2010 RealTime Books 'Towards the unMaking of Heaven: Not Now: Death, Dreams and Reasons for Living' 2010 Real Time Books 'Marraton' Indigo Dreams Publishing 2013 non-fiction - 'Vera & Eddy's War' BeWrite Books 2002 Original Plus poetry collections 'Andetsteds' Don Ammons 'Other Moments I' R G Bishop 'Other Moments II' R G Bishop 'Other Places' Idris Caffrey 'Selected Poems' Idris Caffrey 'Eeeny Minnie Molly' Richard Wonnacott 'Forgeries' James Turner 'Bags of Mostly Water' Sandra Tappenden 'Underland' Paul Davidson 'Broadsheet Asphyxia' Paul Sutton 'Carmen at the Fountain' Albert Rowe 'Cuatro Poetas'(transl. Machado, Neruda, Lorca & Guillen) Albert Rowe 'Yellow Torchlight and the Blues' Emma Lee 'The Light Forecast' Paul Lee 'Days of Fire and Flood' Chrissy Banks 'Isn't Sex Noisy' Colin Shaddick 'A Moment of Attention' Chris Hardy 'Jail Time' Brian Daldorph 'I'll Try To Be Good' R G Bishop 'Firebridge to Skyshore' Siobhan Logan 'Men Hate Blondes' Alice Lenkiewicz 'Water on the Moon' Helen Buckingham Original Plus chapbooks 'The Chronicles of Dave Turnip' Paul Sutton 'The Sun Rises over Arsenal' Paul Murphy 'Lost in the Slipstream' Rupert Loydell 'Make Some Noise' Andrew Taylor 'mirrormoon' Helen Buckingham 'The Black Madonna' Andrew Nightingale 'Pauses at Zebra Crossings' Janette Ayachi 'In a Parallel World' Chris Deakins 'One Match' Sheila Hamilton 'Chang'an Poems' Mark Leech 'Mad, Hopeless & Possible' Siobhan Logan 'Corridors' Kate Ruse

Sam Smith is editor of The Journal (once 'of Contemporary Anglo-Scandinavian Poetry') and publisher of Original Plus books.


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