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Meredith Lorimar

Meredith Lorimar Updated December 07, 2013




Mirror Face (72dpi 900x600).jpg

Author Details

Pen Name
Meredith Lorimar
Where I Live
Souther Ontario, Canada

What could be more exciting than to finally live a life you have only experienced in the movies? In “Mirror Face,” we meet Ursula Baker — quite pretty, recently rich and just on the edge of crazy. Having unexpectedly inherited the majority of her wealthy Grandfather’s estate, Ursula ventures from the comfortable familiarity of her small home town to try her fate as being an actress in the Big City. Along the way, we encounter a host of beautiful and fragile characters: There is Cory — an impish, fun-loving fellow actor who Ursula makes her instant closest companion and there is “Stefani” — a crystal meth, Lady Gaga obsessed friend from Ursula’s childhood. All of this youthful self-expression comes suddenly to a halt as the consequences for the wild, drug-fuelled behaviours catch-up. “Mirror Face,” will both engage and challenge you as Ursula struggles to make sense of her turbid consciousness. Will she be able to hold her values in the forefront of doing what is required to hold onto her own sanity or will the demands of loyalty tear her apart?



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