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Christopher Shields

CS Updated February 19, 2017




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Christopher Shields
Christopher Shields

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Fayetteville, Arkansas

Author of the Weald Fae Journals series, including: Book 1, The Steward; Book 2, The Changeling; Book 3, The Aetherfae; and soon to be released, Book 4, The Maebown.

CHRISTOPHER SHIELDS is a Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Arkansas. Known in the halls of the university as Dr. Shields, he prefers to go by Chris when anywhere else. His students love him, and seek his guidance often. It is for that, and his unique ability to shape and guide the futures of many students, that he considers his academic position his “calling.” A lifelong resident of Northwest Arkansas, he spent his childhood in the small town of Prairie Grove. Upon entering the University of Arkansas, he relocated to Fayetteville where he has resided ever since. Over the years, Chris has acquired a BA degree in Criminal Justice, a MA degree in Sociology, a JD of Law degree, and a Ph.D. in Public Policy. Also the author of many nonfiction works, he published his first academic book on prosecutorial and defense strategies in domestic terrorism trials–his research specialization. Throughout his college career, Chris was active in the University of Arkansas’ Best of Sight and Sound–the Razorback Band. An avid Saxaphone player, he has enjoyed playing both in the band and in jam sessions for over 20 years. He got a little rusty for a bit, but works in as much practice and jam time as his teaching and writing schedule afford. Chris devotes his days to academia, but at night he turns on the desk lamp and creates a new world–a world full of immortal beings, world altering struggles, clandestine romantic involvements, elaborate conspiracies, powerful family and friendship bonds, and superpower struggles that may very well shake the pillars of humankind. Through his work, The Weald Fae Journals, Chris hopes to open up the vivid and engaging world of the Fae as he perceives them, and at the same time draw greater correlations and lessons from their interactions and characteristics. He hopes that readers will enjoy experiencing the journey as much as he enjoys crafting and telling it. Please feel free to email him, or post comments anywhere on the site that interests you. Happy Reading.


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