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Shane KP O'Neill

Shane KP O Updated March 09, 2017

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Shane KP O'Neill

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Shane KP O'Neill
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BOUND BY BLOOD is Book #6 in The Dracula Chronicles, and Book #1 of the Bound By Blood arc.


“This story is a powerful and sweeping epic. The language, the settings, the characters...they all exude Classic.”

“If you are looking for a vampire novel that is rich in detail, with historical facts, legends and folklore weaved in and splashes of gore and a bit of romance, this is for you.”

“This book will stimulate your imagination as it entertains you. Bound By Blood is among the best vampire novels I have read.”

EXPERIENCE THE ULTIMATE BATTLE OF GOOD v EVIL. THE BATTLE FOR SOULS HAS BEGUN. A dark and epic tale of Gothic horror, violence, religious intrigue, political corruption, dark paranormal fantasy, strong emotions and deep romance set against the vast historical backdrops of 15th and 16th Century Europe that hails in a return to the darker, more traditional vampire. Written in the best traditions of past Gothic writers and more contemporary exponents of the genre such as Stephen King, Dean Koontz, James Herbert and Shaun Hutson. The Dracula Chronicles may arouse you, shock you and even offend you, but they won’t disappoint you.

DESCRIPTION As his moment of death looms, Dracula suffers the ultimate betrayal. The champion of the Catholic faith in Eastern Europe realises there is no place in Heaven for him. It is Lucifer who comes to claim him, though he does not want Dracula's soul.

Instead, he bites into Dracula’s neck and then offers his own blood to drink. Dracula suffers his mortal death, but he re-awakens and suffers a startling metamorphosis, becoming a monster born of Darkness. Immortalised with Lucifer's blood coursing through his veins, the two are bound by blood for eternity. Lucifer has groomed him for this day, and lays out the task before him.

Dracula is to destroy the institution of that which he has championed. By bringing down the Catholic Church, he can undo the Crucifixion and turn man against God once more. If he succeeds, then Lucifer will ascend again to Heaven and signal the end for all mankind.

BOUND BY BLOOD - VOLUME 1 is a dark and powerful page-turner that will question what you think and feel and how much you value your soul.


FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS is Book #1 in The Dracula Chronicles and Book #1 in the Vlad Dracula arc.


An epic historical novel of Gothic horror, violence, political corruption, dark paranormal fantasy, strong emotions and deep romance set in the 15th Century Balkans.

DESCRIPTION The battle for souls has raged since the truce that followed the First Great War of the Angels. God has struck the ultimate blow and sacrifice to gain the advantage and defeat His fallen angel and estranged son, Lucifer. As Lucifer stands at the foot of the Cross that drains the last ounce of life from Christ and eradicates man's sins, he realises that his work must begin anew. In time, he comes to understand that his only chance to win this battle will be to destroy the institution of the Catholic Church to turn man against God, once and for all. He searches for more than a millennium for the candidate to see his plan through to an end and finally discovers the one that can cast that final blow. On a cold night in December 1431 in Sighisoara an old gypsy woman delivers a prophecy to the great Vlad Dracul. She tells him he is about to sire two sons, one an angel and the other a devil. He returns to his fortress just as his wife bears him a son, whom he names Vlad. In the very same moment across the country on the border between Transylvania and Hungary a gypsy girl gives birth to another son, Andrei. The die is cast. The twin souls are born. The young Vlad Dracula becomes the instrument of the forces of Darkness. To balance this, the baby Andrei is blessed by the angels and bestowed with awesome powers. This is their story.


THE PATH TO DECAY is Book #2 in The Dracula Chronicles, and Book #2 in the Vlad Dracula arc.


DESCRIPTION: The great Vlad Dracul is dead, fallen in battle, and his throne gone. His son, the young Vlad Dracula, is consumed with grief and a need for revenge. All alone in the world, he keeps his promise and returns to Anatolia. There, he takes a commission in the Ottoman army. On the fields outside Kosovo Polje in Serbia, he is handed his first opportunity to strike back against the men who killed his father.

He has grown into the ultimate fighting machine, and is feared by one and all. This path to decay, as described by his father, is the one he chooses to follow. Lucifer guides and watches over Dracula, but also deepens his hold over him. As time passes, though, his enemies build in every quarter, and they strive to bring him down.

With nowhere left to turn, how will Dracula avenge his family? How can he hope to win back his throne? As he faces one tragedy after another, these events mould him into the man who will be spoken of for centuries to come. A man who lets nothing stand in his way in his pursuit for revenge, and the throne that was his father's.

ORCHID - (From) TALES OF THE BLACK SABBATH Imagine, if you will, the dread at losing the one you love - when all that you hold dear is suddenly, and inexplicably, taken from you. And then, when all seems lost and nothing can lift the darkness threatening to consume you, a stranger walks up to you and says he can restore all you have lost. What would you do? Could you resist that last glimmer of hope? This is the dilemma facing Mark Wiseman. While standing at his wife's graveside and looking down on her casket, a man tells him he can give her back to him. Should he let her go? Or should he accept the offer to be with his beloved once again? For such things carry a price and is it a price he is able to pay?


BOUND BY BLOOD (Phenomena - Dance With The Devil)
Shane O'Neill's Dracula Chronicles

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