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Beverly Gaye Scofield

Beverly December 07, 2013
Beverly Gaye Scofield

Author Details

Pen Name
Beverly "SilverBee" Scofield
Where I Live
Farragut TN
Shout Out
I'm still working on developing a website. Soon, I hope.
The author of The Girl Who Dreamed of Ships has always been a writer. Her first published book is this little adventure story. She says she put aside her manuscripts and scribblings for many years to live her own adventures, which have included backpacking, alone and with her late husband, Tony, and traveling around the country—often solo with her cockatiels.

As a girl in Santa Maria, California, Ms. Scofield thought of herself as a cowgirl, and she is developing a book about horses and time travel she hopes will become a series. Her current book-in-progress is about an island boy who fears the ocean, called Never a Drop of Seawater.”

Beverly Scofield’s work bears the mark of her studies in psychology and comparative religions; work with young people in juvenile hall; years spent grooming dogs; music, painting, sculpting, bonsai art--and a love of people—always and ever, people!


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